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Human development is a continuum,
and at any point along this continuum of human life (starting from Stage 1a, the very beginning)
there exists a whole, individual, integrated human being.

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Contend Projects’ logo was inspired by images and illustrations of human beings in Stage 1 of their development.

individual single

Our logo is actually a graphic of a tiny sexually reproduced human being – a whole, individual single-cell human being – called a Stage 1 human embryo.


Our logo is not drawn to scale! A sexually reproduced human being begins to exist at the beginning of Carnegie Stage 1a, and measures .1 to .15 mm, and weighs about .004 mg, by the END of Stage 1 (Carnegie Stage 1c).

individual human being

What’s more, many of the Stage 1 images are taken only 2-3 hours post-insemination. Yes – a complete, individual human being can begin that small and that soon!

Light micrograph of Stage

Light micrograph of Stage 1b embryo in vitro with two pronuclei of approximate equal size.

unique genetic makeup

The two pronuclei pictured above—one male and one female—each contain the DNA from one parent that will join to form the unique genetic makeup of a new individual. The imminent mingling of the parents’ DNA is the final step of fertilization.

Label Key:
1. perivitelline space
2. zona pellucida
3. cell membrane
4. male and female pronuclei
5. polar body

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Contend Projects’ Logo

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The Virtual Human Embryo (VHE), Digitally Reproduced Embryonic Morphology