NEW! Children’s Science Picture Book

NEW! Children’s Science Picture Book

When You Became You

by Brooke Stanton and Christiane West

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Praise for When You Became You

About When You Became You

You are the only you. You are special – one of a kind.

Do you know when you began to exist as a human being?

This picture book is a celebration of your humanity and your human development – one of the most extraordinary phenomena in all of science and nature.

When You Became You features glorious illustrations and the biological science of human embryology to introduce the continuum of human life. It takes you on a scientific journey through the stages of a human being’s life.

Your boundless capacity as a human being began when you did – even before you were born – and persists for your whole life.

Brooke Stanton and Christiane West are passionate about science and humankind. They founded Contend Projects to make the scientifically accurate facts about human development simple and accessible for everyone.

Brooke is the mother of four budding young scientists. Together with Christiane, also the mother of four junior truth seekers, they believe it is never too early to introduce young children to important scientific realities, especially when it comes to our own species.

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