For Science Teachers Human Embryology Lesson

For Science Teachers Human Embryology Lesson

Human Embryology 101: The Basic Buzz


When the physical material dimension of a human being—an individual member of the human species—normally begins via sexual reproduction
is a fundamental, relevant and important scientific fact that everyone should know.


“The best time to start teaching about the basics of the biological science of human embryology and when a human being
begins to exist was 75 years ago, in 1942, when the Carnegie Stages of Human Embryonic Development were
instituted as SCIENTIFIC FACT. The second-best time is NOW.”

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Human Embryology 101: The Basic Buzz
Science Kit

  • The Basic Buzz Science Kit

    • Lesson Plan
    • Practice Test
    • Practice Test Answers
    • Teacher Talk and Notes
    • Supplemental Material
    • Human Development & Pregnancy Handout
    • Carnegie Stages & Continuum Handout
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  • Carnegie Stages & Continuum Wall Chart/Poster

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  • Early Stages & Key Features Printable Poster

    • Download our free printable poster that highlights various stages of early human development, beginning with Carnegie Stage 23.

Our short video covers the basic scientific facts about

This is what the scientific experts are saying about Contend’s video…


HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! Scientifically accurate and backed by a whole list of international human embryologists and the Carnegie Stages of Human Embryonic Development, empirically grounded, and the most warm and fuzzy bear to explain it all in just 2 short minutes!


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